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COrn snake

Bloodred Pied Sided

ph. het. Hypomelanistic

1.0 CB 2018


Atlas is the calmest of our snakes. He has never striked once in his life. He is chill enough to let us open his mouth for check-ups and trun him on his back to look at his belly.
This one is the only of our corns that does not constrict while eating. To feed him, all we have to do is lay the mouse on front of him and he will gently take it.
Atlas is amazingly easy going and one of our favourites 🙂

- Additional Information -

We are breeding for the hobby!

For us, the breeding of corn snakes is 100% a hobby. The money we make by selling our hatchlings is used to cover a portion of the costs for lighting, food, supplies and vet bills. We are not making any profit with our website!