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COrn snake

Bloodred Pied Sided

ph. het. Hypomelanistic


1.0 CB 2018

COrn snake

Anerythristic Tessera Motley Striped

het. Hypomelanistic

ph. het. Sunkissed, Amelanistic


0.1 CB 2018

COrn snake

Mandarin Tessera

het. Sunkissed, Buf, Motley, Striped


0.1 CB 2020

COrn snake

Miami Phase

het. Sunkissed, Cinder, Caramel, Amelanistic


0.1 CB 2021

COrn snake



1.0 CB 2021

COrn snake

Tessera Masque

het. Anerythristic, Diffused, Striped, Pied Sided

1.0 CB 2020

COrn snake

Tessera Masque (ph. Red Factor)

het. Anerythristic, Diffused, Motley, Striped, Pied Sided


0.1 CB 2020

COrn snake

Anerythristic Masque

het. Motley/ Striped

ph. het. Hypo, Diffused


0.1 CB 2022

- Additional Information -

We are breeding for the hobby!

For us, the breeding of corn snakes is 100% a hobby. The money we make by selling our hatchlings is used to cover a portion of the costs for lighting, food, supplies and vet bills. We are not making any profit with our website!